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All about wrapping your Vehicle with vinyl. Buyers guide

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Why installing Vinyl in your Vehicle?

The key for a good job are: retail, preparation and laying. You must hear in mind what you pay.

Who is going to do the wrapping?

Are they vinyl wrapping specialists?

For Vehicle wrapping a skilled professional is needed. Ask for pictures and demos about the applications of vinyl they have made.

¿The area where they are going to wrap your vehicle is covered and well temperature controlled?

The optimum temperature for placing vinyl on your vehicle is 22ºC; at this temperature vinyl is more moldable and its adhesive much more adherend, improving its application. Must the Vehicle be very clean? The Vehicle must be very clean, since rests of dirt or powder damage vinyl and its adhesive does not stick correctly.

¿Are they installers?

For car wrapping there are specialized techniques concerning the application of vinyl. We have approved MotorVinilo installers, scattered throughout the provinces


A top quality job takes some 15 hours for a medium size car.

¿Whate type of vinyl to be used?

If you have bought 3M material, make it sure that it is the original one. In order to fully wrap a vehicle, the vinyl must be heated by means of a dryer or heater so that it is stretched and covers the most difficult areas.

¿Shall i be able to pass the ITV inspection?

Insurance companies use to consider vinyl as an accessory that may be or no be included in the insurance policy so that it is covered in case of accident. Concerning the ITV inspection you can pass it without any problem. What should you look at when they have wrapped your Vehicle? If vinyl has not been properly installed, it may unstick at any areas where it has been overstretched. One must state: -Does it show streaks or has it been overstretched and color is faded? –The body of the vehicle and its edges. The edges of doors, bonnet and brear hood. –Prints and logos (if they are printed) may be very distorted at very curved areas. It is better to place them only on flat surfaces. On areas where vinyl has been overstretched, colour may fade and become white. If you have chosen any Mat colour, specially Mat Black, you should closely look at the shine and any eventual irregularities. Heat is needed in order to adjust the vinyl well on very curved areas; however excessive heat may cause unwished shine. Wash your car as usually with bucket of water and a sponge or pressure washed (avoid insisting to much against vinyl edges). Do not apply wax and shine, specially on Mat colours becomes they might turn glossy. You may use instead Leather and Vinyl Restorer Enjoy the new look of your vehicle
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