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What does wrapping mean?

Wrapping means installing vinyl on a Vehicle. It is placed directly on the original paint. The purpose is to change the look of your vehicle without losing the original one, and to keep it in perfect original condition whenever vinyl is removed. If the vinyl is a quality one, the original paint continues protected during the whole time the vinyl is on. Traditionally, commercial vehicles have been print labelled to show to show publicity of a company or a product. However at present this concept has evolved and not only commercial vehicles are being labelled. Now, thanks to car wrapping or car wrap private cars and motorbikes are also labelled, although with a more demanding finish. With vinyl you can achieve some finishes that are impossible with paint, such as carbon fiber texture, brushed materials (aluminium,titanium,gold) or mat colors. What does vehicle wrapping imply? Vinyl is stuck on the paint of the vehicle, and that allows the original paint stays intact. This is one of the greatest advantages of since in all other instances if you wish to change colour of a vehicle the original colour is lost. How long does the vinyl of your Vehicle last? Usually, the vinyl of a vehicle lasts for a minium of 5 years.Does vinyl harm car paint? No. Vinyl does not harm the original paint of the Vehicle and is no rusted if it is the right one. One must bear in mind that is the paint underneath is not good quality or if the vehicle has been repainted in an incorrect way, the vinyl might remove the paint when removed. If the paint is the original on with good quality vinyl, that is not going to happen. Must I wash my Vehicle before wrapping it? Yes, it is very important that the vehicle is clean of dust,mud… in order to avoid problems when wrapping it. In case that the vinyl of my car is broken, can it be repaired? Yes, there are no problems in repairing parts of the vinyl because they have been scratched or in a car accident area. Is it easy to remove vinyl? Yes, vinyl film is removed easily and quickly. Is it normal that it shows wrinkles or bubbles? Yes, is case of complete wrapping some wrinkles or bubbles may appear but if the vinyl is the right one they will disappear in time. How can I wash vinyl film? The best is to wash by hand and avoid machine washing. It can also be washed with press water. What is its price and how is it established? The cost depends on the quality of finish used by the installer, the quality of the film and the size and difficulty of the vehicle. It is important to use the right vinyl (not any vinyl is right, it must be stated that is is special for wrapping). The installer must have experience so that the result is as good painting. Anything can be wrapped with vinyl? Yes, with vinyl we can line practically everything, vehicle or surface.
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