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When we talk about vinyl for cars, we fin dan infinite range of applications. Among them is wrapping with vinyl with textures (carbon,wood,brushed,leather), colours (mat or glossy) or personalized vinyls for any part of the vehicle, such as the roof (flags, sticker bomb, symbols…), wing mirrors, door handles or any other part, of any shape and size.

Among other possible vinyl applications are: personalizad drawings, Corporation letters, labelling whole Corporation fleets, for advertisements, side Stripes, parallel Stripes, small parts such as door handles, air intakes or anything one might think of.

Vinyl is also best for publicity, reaching a lot of people, eye-catching, it operates the whole time andi t is the cheapest advertising system, with an approximation duration of 5 years.

The half of the people wrapping their car is in order to change completely the colour, and the other half for smaller details that even when are more visible, they are unique and fully personalized. Others use vinyl to protect their vehicles agains blows, scratches, insects, UV radiation or road fluids, other use it in order to cover scratches or damages on the car paint, giving them a look of a entirely new car.

Vinyl can also be used for glass tinting, from clear to darker tone, giving all the advantages of vinyl and tinting. Another not so common use but very original and striking, is to line metal rims of cars, although for that purpose we recommend PlastiDip, because it is liquid vinyl much easier to install on all areas of the rim, covering it all.

Belows is the gallery of prints with possible applications of vinyl, you can can find all the Pictures in the picture gallery.
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