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Whenever we talk about vinyl, we recall pictures of striking cars or motorcycles with parts wrapped with vinyl film, or all them wrapped. However as we have said several times it is available for use on any material, even on very curved parts, and because it is adhesive it strongly sticks, but without damaging the original paint. Among other things it can be used to restore damaged parts because of the climate or years of operations.
From here we wish also thrust the use of vinyl in yachts as it is being done in other countries like the United States, since it allows us to entirely Project our yacht, using a design of your own or wrapping with textures(carbon,brushed,wood,leather) or unique colours (mat or glossy) and at the same time, protecting against scratches from stones or others. As we have stated several times, our vinyls withstand water and extreme temperaturas, and because of that it is not easily damaged. It lasts approximately 5 years with no need of servicing. Some clients prefer to make some details in vinyl film type carbon fiber and give another look to their yacht, but there are some more daring ones that wish to wrap the yacht completely with their own designs. Wrapping your yacht is also a good system of advertising since it works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it is very showy and reaches a lot of people. Moreover, it can be easily removed and leave the yacht in its original condition. Do you wish to wrap your yacht with vinyl film? Ask for a quotation now


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