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Car wrapping. Vehicle personalization with vinyl: make your car or motorbike unique

Now you can customize your vehicle without losing its original paint, with our quality vinyls

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What do we make?

We are focused on the personalization and protection of vehicles by means of best top quality Films on the market, we are distributors of the best Brands: 3M, VinylArea, Knifeless and PlastiDip, and Car Wrapping pioneers in Spain.

We change the colour of your Vehicle with vinyl film

We Protect your vehicle

With our top quality vinyls, further to personalizing and making your vehicle an unique one, we Project it from scratches insects and blows. One of the vinyl advantages is that it can be placed and removed pretty easily, so that if the car has been scratched we can remove the protector and leave the car in its original condition. More about what we make

Vinilo protector VentureShield

Glass tinting

Further to distributing and placing vinyl in order to make colour changes or lining Vehicle parts, we have approved vinyl for glass tinting, so that you can change the colour of your Windows by shading them to the desired opacity. Complying with the present standards for such implements, we work with film with top quality in this market. Further information.

Vinyl Advantages

  • It is removable
  • It does not harm the original paint
  • It is cheaper than paint
  • Unique finish with textures
  • It protects paint
  • It withstands extreme temperatures

Fleet labelling

We label whole Vehicle fleets with our vinyls at the best price! Further information


At MotorVinilo we have a broad net of exclusive installation centres scrattered throughout the spanish geography

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We are oficial distributors and layers. We distribute throughout Spain and export to other countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and United Kingdom.